Aubretia and Phlox Tea Light Candle Holder


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Real Flower Glass Tea Light Holder With Stand

Handmade with delightful aubretia and phlox flowers, handpicked and pressed from the Cotswolds.

  • Real flowers
  • Complete with tea light candle
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Packaged with recycle packaging to be eco-friendly
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to help prevent fading
  • An ideal gift



Out of stock


Aubretia and Phlox Tea Light Candle Holder

A delightful handmade Aubretia and Phlox tea light candle holder, decorated with real flowers.  Hand picked from my Cotswold garden then pressed, these flowers look delightful decorating the glass tear drop shaped bauble.  A fabulous decoration for any room in the home, or a unique gift for family or friends.

The glass tea light holder measure approximately 8 cm’s in diameter by 12 cm’s tall, and the stand measures approximately 10 cm’s in diameter by 23.5 cm’s tall.   You will also receive a white tea light candle, and some fabulous purple organza ribbon to hang the glass bauble on the stand.

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Aubretia comes from the family of plants called Brassicaceae and is also known as the Kitte Rose.  This four petal flowered evergreen perennial comes alive from mid to late spring with an abundance of flowers.  Usually in a variety of shades of purple, as well as brilliant white.


The delicate white flowers used on the bauble are from the Moss Phlox plant known as Phlox Subulata or Amazing Grace.  This Phlox is an alpine plant and flourishes around late spring in rocky areas.  The Phlox flowers have five petals and some have a tiny maroon coloured eye in the center.

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