Bergamot Candles in Ceramic Pots


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Handmade candles in ceramic pots, decorated with real Viola flowers

  • A pair of orange coloured candles in pots with bamboo saucers
  • Decorated with real flowers
  • Lightly fragranced with bergamot essential oil
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Packaged with recycled packaging to be eco friendly
  • An ideal and unique gift

1 in stock


Bergamot Candles in Ceramic Pots

Bergamot candles in ceramic pots, cute and pretty.  This fabulous pair of candles have been handmade in these delightful white shiny ceramic pots, sitting on bamboo saucers.  Light orange in colour and fragranced with the delicate scent of bergamot essential oil, they would look lovely on show anywhere in the home.  The real flower Viola’s called Jolly Face, in purple and yellow, have been hand picked and pressed from my Cotswold garden.

Each cute candle pot measures approximately 6.5 cm’ across by 6 cm’s tall.

Fragrance & Benefits

The bergamot plant is a green leaved shrub and the fruits are similar to but smaller than oranges.  The fragrance of the bergamot essential oil is of fresh sweet soft orange peel but with a floral note.  Bergamot acts as a natural deodorising air freshener, and it is said that it can also help relieve stress and pain.

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  • To help prevent fading keep out of direct sunlight
  • Be safe when lighting candles

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