Bergamot Scented Rose Bud Sand Candle


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Fragranced with Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot Scented Rose Bud Sand Candle

  • Real dried rose buds
  • Pink Burgundy coloured wax
  • Handmade in white coral sand
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Packaged carefully in recycled packaging to prevent damage
  • An idea gift

Out of stock


This Bergamot Scented Rose Bud Sand Candle is handmade and quite unique!  The candle has been made in white coral sand and decorated with delicate burgundy coloured dried rose buds, and the wax has been fragranced with Bergamot essential oil.  Paraffin wax has been used to make the Bergamot scented rose bud sand candle and the striking pink burgundy colour wax has a lustre finish.  The sand candle can be used just as a decoration to brighten up a bedroom, lounge or bathroom.

The sand candle measures approximately 11 cm’s across by 5 cm’s deep.

Another delightful Sandy Candle 

Essential Oil Fragrance

Bergamot essential oil has a sweet smell but also has a slightly citrus-like quality as well as smelling slightly floral.  It’s a delicate scent so not over powering.

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