Coconut & Lemongrass Sand Candle


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A coconut & lemongrass sand candle that has been handmade in the Cotswolds.

  • Emerald green sand candle
  • Made in natural looking sand
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Packaged carefully to prevent damage
  • An idea gift

Out of stock


Coconut & Lemongrass Sand Candle

A smooth but zesty coconut & lemongrass sand candle, which has been handmade with love! This sand candle has been made in natural looking fine buff coloured sand and has an elegant fluted bottom. It would beautifully decorate any modern or country style home.

This sand candle has been made using paraffin wax and has a gorgeous deep emerald green centre in a mottled wax finish and measures approximately 10 cm’s across by 6 cm’s deep.

Because Sandy Candles are handmade, each creation is unique, making them great gifts, as no two are exactly the same.


Bamboo & white grapefruit has a fresh fruity fragrance, harmonized with a blend of freshly sliced grapefruit, apple, orange & bergamot with a fresh green edge, leading to soft floral tones.

Colour & Emotion

Green symbolises freshness and fertility and can be associated with ambition!


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