Meadow Flower Glass Tea Light Holder & Stand


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Meadow Flower Glass Tea Light Holder and stand

  • Decorated with real flowers
  • Complete with tea light candle
  • White metal stand
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Packaged with recycled packaging to prevent damage
  • An idea gift for a flower lover

1 in stock


Meadow Flower Glass Tea Light Holder & Stand

This handmade meadow flower glass tea light holder and stand has been decorated with real flowers.  The flowers that have been used are daisies, buttercups, forget-me-nots and a lovely geranium leaf.  These fabulous delicate and pretty spring flowers have been hand picked from my Cotswold garden and from the surrounding areas of Lechlade.  The glass tea light holder hangs elegantly from the white metal stand by a shimmering piece of ivory coloured organza ribbon.

This handmade meadow flower glass tea light holder comes with a white tea light candle and measures approximately 10 cm’s in diameter, while the white metal stand measures approximately 10 cm’s in diameter by 23.5 cm’s tall.


The Flowers


Daisies generally grow from spring time into summer and can be found in abundance in most grassy areas including lawns.  They open to the sun in the day and close up at night and are also known as Day’s Eye Daisies, with the Latin name of Bellis Perennis.  These are cheerful little white flowers with bright yellow centers and some petals often have red or purple tips too!  The daisy represents cheer, beauty, loyalty and purity.


Buttercups are also known as Ranunculus Acris.  These bright yellow flowers have glossy petals, and can usually be seen in early summer shining brightly through the grass in lawns or grassy areas.  The buttercup represents goodwill and neatness.


Forget-me-nots with their charming clusters of small blue flowers are loved by bumble bees  and butterflies.  They are also know as Myosotis Scorpioides, and will grow almost anywhere from shaded areas to full sun.  The forget-me-not represents faithfulness, memories and true love.

Forget-me-nots are the official flower of the Alzheimer’s Society, and they gently remind us to never forget those who have been lost to the disease.

Geranium Leaf

The geranium leaf that sits with the pretty daisies, is also known as Herb Robert or Geranium Robertianum.  The leaf is delicate and lace like, and looks fabulous with the meadow flowers.

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