Meadow Flower Glass Tea Light Holder


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Pretty hand decorated meadow flower glass tea light holder

Meadow Flower Glass Tea Light Holder

  • Decorated glass holder for a tea light, cotton wool, hair scrunchies
  • Real flowers
  • Complete with tea light candle
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Packaged with recycled packaging to prevent damage
  • An idea gift for a flower lover

Out of stock


This very pretty summer meadow flower glass tea light holder can also be used to store cotton wool balls, cotton buds, hair scrunchies, or anything you like!  You could even use it as a terrarium and grow plants inside.  The egg shaped glass holder has been carefully decorated with flowers that have been hand picked from my Cotswold garden and surrounding countryside.  The flowers that have been used are daisies, buttercups, forget-me-nots and yarrow fern leaves.

This would make a lovely gift!

The glass egg tea light holder measures approximately 15 cm’s across by about 19 cm’s in height, and comes with a white tea light candle.

More forget-me-nots

The Flowers Used On The Meadow Flower Glass Tea Light Holder


Daisies generally grow from spring time into summer and can be found in abundance in most grassy areas.  They open to the sun in the day and close up at night and are also known as ‘day’s eye’ daisies, with the Latin name of bellis perennis.  These are cheerful little white flowers with bright yellow centers; some petals often have red or purple tips too!  I have also used a large very delicate yellow daisy which takes center place, looking fabulous!


Buttercups are another spring to summer flower that I have used here, also known as Ranunculus Acris.  These bright yellow flowers have glossy petals, and can usually be seen in early summer shining brightly through the grass in lawns or in grassy areas.


Forget-me-nots with their charming clusters of small blue flowers are loved by bumble bees and butterflies.  They are also know as (Myosotis scorpioides), and will grow almost anywhere from shaded areas to full sun.

Fern Leaves

The delicate fern leaves from the Yarrow plant finish off this flower display; their elegant fern leaves grow close to the ground in grassy areas.

Wild Yarrow Plant

Note:  The glass can get extremely hot when burning a real tea light candle.  Keep out of direct sunlight to help prevent the flowers from fading.

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