Real Flower Glass Tea Light Holder


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Handmade glass tea light candle holder decorated with Cotswold flowers and foliage.

  • Real flowers
  • Complete with tea light candle
  • Candle safety instructions included
  • Wrapped in white tissue paper
  • Packaged in recycled packaging to be eco-friendly
  • An ideal present for a plant lover

Out of stock


This fresh handmade real flower glass tea light holder has been decorated with real flowers and foliage, handpicked from my Cotswold garden.  A striking purple anemone flower looks fabulous with the geranium leaves as the center piece.  The fun violas, primroses and phlox that decorate the rest of the glass bauble are also delightful.  This glass tea light holder measures approximately 12 cm’s in diameter, and comes with a white tea light candle.

A handmade and unique decorative piece.

The Flowers & Foliage

Purple Anemone Daisy – Known as Blanda Blue or Blue-Flowered Winter Windflower from the Ranunculaceae family, which flowers in spring time.


Violas – The happy looking purple, yellow and white violas are called Jolly Face, and the subtle yellow one is known as Sunny Side Up.

Primroses – Also known as Primula Vulgaris with their clusters of salver-shaped flowers.  The primrose represents early youth, eternal love and I can’t live without you.

Phlox – The dainty white flowers used on the bauble are from the Moss Phlox plant known as Phlox Subulata or Amazing Grace.  This is an alpine plant and flourishes around late spring in rocky areas.

Geranium Leaves – The Geranium leaves are from the Geranium Robertianum plant.  Also known as Herb Robert, or stinking Bob has tiny pink crane’s bill like flowers and has soft, delicate, lace like leaves.  It grows in shaded areas of the garden, in rocky areas or along paths.

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  • Keep out of direct sunlight to help prevent fading
  • Be safe when lighting candles


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