Straw Flower Gel Candle Tea Light Holder


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Straw Flower Gel Candle Tea Light Holder

Handmade glass tea light holder decorated with real dried straw flowers.

    • Real flowers
    • Lightly fragranced with lavender essential oil
    • Complete with tea light candle
    • Candle safety instructions included
    • Packaged with recycle packaging
    • Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading
    • What a lovely gift


1 in stock


Straw Flower Gel Candle Tea Light Holder

This decorative Straw Flower Gel Candle Tea Light Holder is handmade.  Real dried burgundy, red and peach flowers look fabulous in the gel wax with the rainbow pebbles and a gold coloured bud in the center.  A glass tea light candle holder has been placed in the top to burn tea light candles, so the straw flowers will always be preserved.  To add a little fragrance the gel wax has been lightly scented with yummy grapefruit essential oil.

The tea light holder measure approximately 8 cm’s in diameter by 9.5 cm’s tall and comes with a white tea light candle.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender essential oil is derived from the flowers and has a well known light fresh fragrance.  Lavender scent can help improve sleep, restlessness, help relieve systems of anxiety and stress and not forgetting also smells delicious.

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The Flowers

Straw flowers are annual plants and are also known as Xerochrysum Bracteatum. They are related to the daisy, sunflower and aster plants and are referred to as the everlasting flower.  They make excellent cut flowers both fresh and dried.

About straw flowers


  • Keep out of direct sunlight to help prevent fading
  • Candle burning safety instructions included
  • Be safe when lighting candles
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