Wild Garden Fairy Light Bottle


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Handmade using hand picked real flowers from the Cotswolds.

  • Frosted recycled glass bottle
  • Decorated with real flowers and foliage
  • Supplied with battery operated 20 warm fairy lights
  • Will be packaged with recycled packaging
  • An idea gift

1 in stock


Wild Garden Fairy Light Bottle

This handmade wild garden fairy light bottle has been decorated with real flowers and foliage, that have been handpicked and pressed from my Lechlade garden.  The flowers are bright and cheerful and look wonderful dancing around the frosted recycled glass bottle.  The bottle comes complete with a string of 20 warm dainty fairy lights with battery included.  This wild garden bottle decorated with real flowers would make a fabulous gift.

The bottle measures approximately 25 cm’s tall by 6.5 cm’s wide, total height (including battery plastic cork) approximately 28 cm’s.

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 The Flowers & Foliage

The flowers that have been used to decorate the wild garden fairy light bottle are a bright yellow daisy flower, also known as Doronicum Orientale Leonardo Compact.  This plant has heart shaped leaves and flowers all through the spring.   The purple and yellow viola is known as ‘Jolly face’.  The pale yellow primroses are a lovely wild flower along with the dainty daisies and the blue forget-me-nots.  Some grass and delicate fern leaves from the yarrow plant have also been used which finish off this piece beautifully, along with Herb Robert lacy geranium leaves.

Information on the yellow daisy


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