aubrietia, daisy & forget-me-not

aubrietia, daisy & forget-me-not

Celebrate Spring with Flowers

Spring is here and what better way to embrace spring then with flowers! Flowers add beauty to the landscape and to our gardens so why not in our homes. Flowers can be used to say thank you, or given as a gift on any occasion.   Flowers make us smile and their fragrances can fill a room. The colours of flowers can be vivid or soft; surely everyone loves flowers.

Daisies, buttercups, forget-me-nots, violas, these are flowers that remind us of spring and a warm summer to come.

Daisies grown in abundance in lawns, you either love them or hate them. Buttercups with their shiny petals come later than the daisy, as a child I bet you put one under your chin to see if you liked butter!   The delicate blue flowers of the forget-me-not spread though boarders, growing in amongst newly sprouting plants. Violas, the smiling flower that always look happy to see you with their heads held high.

My Sandy Candle creations decorated with flowers make lovely gifts.

Meadow Flower reclaimed wood:

Delightful reclaimed wooden tea light holder

For a lovely fragrance how about this classic sand candle:

Bamboo & white grapefruit