About Sandy Candles

In 2012 I moved from a fun but busy Brighton, to the picturesque town of Lechlade.   Lechlade is a typical countryside Cotswold town, with breathtaking views of the river Thames. I am always down by the river, collecting ideas from the surrounding countryside for my sand candles and glass bauble tea light holders.

Sand candles became the first type of candles I started to make. These are made from paraffin wax and of course sand. Sand is the outer shell of the candle. I use various types of sand and different colours from brilliant white to actual beach sand. I can make these candles in virtually any colour. I have chosen a range of fragrances to suit every mood, from a light and fresh ‘Dewy Morning’ scent to a seasonal winter variety called ‘Cranberry and Black Pomegranate’, which smells divine.

Candles and Glass Tea Light Holders made from Cotswold Flowers

Most of the flowers that are used to decorate the glass tea light holders have been picked by hand from around Lechlade’s countryside. I spend hours wandering around, choosing flowers and plants throughout the year, like the forever loving daisies that can be found amongst the grass, to the bright yellow buttercups that grow in the meadows. In the winter months I gather alder cones, rose hips and holly, to make Christmas Sandy Candles.

I also grow flowers for my candle creations in my Cotswold garden. In the spring time my garden is over grown with blue and pink flowers from the  dainty forget-me-nots, to wild geraniums, which have the most amazing lace like structured leaves.

All the Sandy Candle creations are individual and quite unique due to the way they are lovingly handmade and decorated.  They make fabulous gifts and unique presents for friends or family.

I hope you enjoy my candles.

Design Your Own

I also do commissions from individual candle gifts or wedding table candle decorations, or for any event you may have.  Just send a message what you would like.

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Sandy Candles are also for sale at No Labels 6a Burford St, Lechlade GL7 3FS.  07843 064345.

Sandy Candles are now for sale at Country House Gifts

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