Grapefruit Scented Bucket Candles


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Real Flower Grapefruit Scented Bucket Candles

Handmade with delightful violas, daisies and Geranium leaves, handpicked and pressed from the Cotswolds.

  • Real flowers
  • Cream metal buckets
  • Grapefruit essential oil fragrance
  • Candle safety instructions include
  • Wrapped in tissue paper
  • Packaged with recycle packaging to be eco friendly
  • An idea gift



1 in stock


Lovely summery essential oil grapefruit scented bucket candles, decorated with real flowers and material yellow and white checkered padded hearts.  Hand picked from my Cotswold garden, these flowers look delightful decorating this pair of cute metal cream buckets.  A fabulous decoration to brighten any room in the home, or a unique gift for family or friends.

These handmade grapefruit scented bucket candles measure approximately 8 cm’s in diameter by 7.5 cm’s tall.

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The Flowers and Foliage

Viola Jolly Face, is a delightful purple, yellow and white flower that looks stunning in the spring time.

Daisies are sweet little white and yellow flowers, some have purple tips to their petals too.

Herb Robert Geranium Leaves have delicate green lace like leaves.

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The Fragrance

Grapefruit essential oil smells citrusy with a sweet tangy aroma.  Grapefruit has distinct properties that may also offer a variety of health benefits.


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